Our Products

We stock a range of timber products and are happy to arrange free home delivery of both bulk and small loads. We service predominantly Sevenoaks and the surrounding area, however deliveries are available to a radius of 15 miles

Hardwood Logs

All of our logs are sourced directly from timber felled during our operations. Only quality hardwood species are selected and all can be supplied at a size to suit your requirements. Typically our logs are a mix of Ash, Oak and Cherry, however if you have a preference, we will always do our best to accommodate.

Hardwood Chippings

As a company, we continually strive to maintain a positive green approach. As such, when we fell timber that is unsuitable for other uses, it is generally ground into chippings. Our environmental chippings are perfect for ornamental use such as pathways, borders and other large areas, that require good coverage. When combined with a quality permeable weed membrane, chippings not only deliver excellent weed suppression, but also provide a habitat for microscopic organisms that release important nutrients back into the soil. Generally, our chip is sized between 20 - 50mm, however we will always endeavour to accommodate any requirements that you may have.